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We worked with 215McCann to provide colour grade and huge-scale VFX on Xbox’s Series X global launch campaign. The film features Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Black Panther) transformed into CGI as he falls through a thrilling adventure dream world, gradually gaining control and power within it.


The launch of the all-new Xbox Series X and Series S was a pivotal moment for gaming as a whole. The global spot was Colour graded by MPC’s Ricky Gausis who manipulated the CG environments to push them into a cinematic world and define the interesting look, witch each look feeling different from the last.


The film was recognised at the Shots Awards The Americas and the AEAF Awards, winning the Silver and Bronze awards for Visual Effects and was nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects. Since launched the campaign has had over 1 million views on YouTube. The global campaign was also covered extensively within the media, with features including Ad Week, The Drum and Shoot.

Ian Pons Jewell
Post Production
Ricky Gausis, MPC
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We partnered with Ian Pons Jewell, production house Reset and agency 215 McCann to showcase high-end visuals and transition treats whilst teasing the controller-clutching community with what’s in store. Using the very latest techniques together with 4D facial capture, we were able to bring the fantastical elements to life and recreate Daniel as a digital human with his own face and body movements, grooming techniques for hair and realistic cloth simulation for his clothes.

We joined forces with talent from our Academy Award-winning Film team, working together to concept the creative range and six different environments. The film was created in its entirety through lockdown meaning our teams navigated solutions to shoot limitations and explored virtual production, using Unreal Engine in the creative development processes. Unreal allowed us to visualise the whole film and provide Ian Pons Jewell and Xbox with a high quality and highly interactive previsualization process.

Our workflow allowed me to grade all of the incredible CG worlds from a flat base/starting point. The range that I was able to work with and not have the image ‘break up’ or have any unwanted colors being introduced was so impressive.

Ricky Gausis, Senior Colourist, MPC

Chief Creative Director Scott Duchon
Creative Director Mat Bunnell
Senior Art Director Savannah Hicks
Director of Integrated Production Mandi Holdorf
Senior Producer Nina Roussarie
Associate Producer Jessie YBarra


Director Ian Pons Jewell
DoP Mauro Chiarello
Executive Producer Deannie O’Neil
Line Producer Megan Moore

MPC Team

Executive Producer Elexis Stearn
VFX Producers Nicole Saccardi, Warwick Hewett, Mireille Antoine
Colour Executive Producer Meghan Lang Bice
Creative Directors Michael Gregory, Dan Seddon
Head of Character Development Pascual Rubio Cervera
VFX Supervisors (2D) Toya Drechsler, David Filipe
VFX Supervisors (3D) Zhenya Vladi, Corinne DeOrsay, Fabian Frank
VFX Coordinators John Edson, Jamie Hughes
Line producer Neela Kumuda P
Production Coordinator Sakshi Gaur
Colour Producer Sasha Pace
Colourist Ricky Gausis
Colour Assists Sam Ziaie, Nate Seymour
CG Supervisor Raju Ganesh S
2D Supervisor Rashabh Butani

Artists David Hickey, Parker Sellers, Andrew Price, Samir Patel, Fabian Frank, Kristian Bonne, James Bown, Chris Welsby, Clementine Supiot

Asset Team
Artists Silvia Bartoli, Marco Gifuni, Pascual Rubio Cervera, Michael Reed, Tom Hearne, Corinne DeOrsay, Jemmy Molero, Bibin Balan, S Shashi Kumar, Vivek Mayanglambam, Bibin Balan, Vinutha R, Selva Kumar K

Rigging Team
Artists Navin Pinto, Gretchen Asmar, Maximilian Mallman

Look Development Team
Artists Fabian Frank, Giovanni Bianchet, Pascual Rubio Cervera

Concept Team
Artists Ivan Khomenko, Leandre Lagrange, Michelle Tolo, Mike Davis, Andrew Kim, Eric Fulghum, Farid Sandoval, Jake Lunt, Lino Khay, Leandre Lagrange, Farid Sandoval

Animation Team
Artists David Bryan, Chris Welsby, Andrew Price, Samir Patel, Ty Coyle, Marco Capparelli, Clementine Supiot, Mack Knights, James Bown, Shiny Rajan

FX Team
Artists Dan Bodenstein, Nate Skeen, Rob Richardson, Selcuk Ergen, Radu Ciubotariu, Arnau Gilabert, Umesh Namdev, Ashwath Thiraviam, Kartik Gupta

Lighting Team
Artists Tim Kafka, Sherryn Pattarawuttiwong, Nate Skeen, Tom Hearne, Asher Stusek, Brendon Echsner, Zhenya Vladi, Pascual Rubio Cervera, Fabian Frank, Giovanni Bianchet, Chris Huland, Kiril Mirkov, Mattias Lullini, Stephane Ranaldi, William Laban, Aritra Sarkar, Raju Ganesh S

Compositing Team
Artists Navid Sanati, Toya Drechlser, Kyle Belko, Andy Roberts, David Ince, Hector Cabrera, Jason Heinze, Oliver Caiden, Sandra Ross, Sorie Conteh, David Piombino, Gustavo Bellon, David Filipe, Mithun Alex, Ed Taylor, Pavan Balagam, Yashvardhan Jain, Shaik Abdul Adul, Manideep Sanisetty, Yashvardhan Jain, Akula Srikanth, Abhilash A

Flame Team
Artists Claus Hansen, Sean Anderson

DMP Team
Artists Marco Genovesi, Megan Bailey, Ed Babb, Radhakrishnan R, Joyett Fernandes, Sachin sureshrao Dhapudkar, Bakiyaraj P, Shanmugavel V

Prep Team
Artists Sreejimol C.P, Suresh P, Anurag Sing Kushwaha, Sreeji

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