Ed Sheeran | Cross Me.


Riff Raff turned to MPC to craft showstopping visual effects and motion design for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Cross Me’ music video. Our teams were tasked to weave together the real world and game-like fantasy.


Inspired by the song’s lyrics, the music video is a mind-bending look into the relationship between illusion and reality. ‘Cross Me’ begins with a dancer wearing a motion-tracking suit in a studio. As she performs her powerful yet elegant routine, she morphs and glitches through a plethora of avatars including Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper. The animated characters are transposed into a variety of worlds and textures, including monolithic golden dancers, abstract shapes, a baseball field, and even rendered in 8bit for a kung-fu fighter game.


Since it launched in 2019, the music video has been viewed over 47 million times on YouTube and was awarded a Gold Kinsdale Shark Award for Animation.

Ryan Staake
Riff Raff Films
Record Label
Atlantic Records
Post Production
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MPC have been involved since day one on the collaborative process; I started with a loose prompt and worked with them to ideate on shot and character ideas. The aim was to bring together the austere, clean motion-capture environment with the visually rich CG worlds – whilst maintaining connection with the performer throughout. Ideally, you would have double the amount of time to complete the post production on a project like this, so this close dialogue has been critical. MPC proposed a lot of smart tools and methods to work more quickly and efficiently, whilst still yielding the same level of quality we wanted.

Ryan Staake, Director at Riff Raff

Riff Raff Films

Director Ryan Staake
Dancer Courtney Scarr
Producer Tom Knight
Exec Producer Natalie Arnett
Choreographer Erin Murray

Record team

Atlantic Records

Post Production


CG Supervisor Dominic Alderson
2D Supervisor Zdravko Stoitchkov
Producer Sandra Eklund
Colour Duncan Russell
VFX Team Florian Mounie, Kubisi Younis, Silvia Bartoli, Amy Smith, Andrius Jurkevicius, Fabrizio Ghiso, Mithun Alex, Malachi Duncan, Christian Bohm, Lewis Orton, Radu Ciubotariu, Michael Bonnington, William Laban, Anthony Bloor, Prashanth Paramasivam, Greg McKneally, Jessie Amadio, Alessandro Granella, Eleonora D onofrio, Matilde Nygaard Vinther, Daphne Westelynck, Donal O Keeffe, Ingrid Tsy, Kerim Camdzic, Michael Drayton, Amar Chundavadra, Maximilian Mallmann, Mauro Nodari, Guy Lubin, Marko Perendija, Marcus Dryden

Match Move Kishan Chandran, Konduru Achiraju, Sathya Narayanan, Suhas N
Assets Koustav Bhowmik, Selva Kumar K, Sunil Manohar Mohapatra
Clean Up Arulanandhan P, Shoaibh Ahmed
Lighting Department Sumit Kumar, Amlan Mahapatra, Milan Dey
Production Kedar Joshi (Line Producer)

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