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MPC partnered with Riff Raff Films to deliver EA Sports’ star-studded FIFA 21 launch film. The global marketing campaign aims to show homage to football’s young superstars, delving into each player’s personal story, their upbringing, and their love for the clubs that they call home.


Director Keane Pearce Shaw from Riff Raff Films and the MPC worked in close collaboration to develop and create a style that could act as the gel that helps tell a story combined of real world and gameplay components. MPC’s design team teamed up with the collage artist Jazz Grant to help create a mixture of old school analogue collages alongside a more modern ‘digital style’ of animation. Each player was given a collection of old and new camera types and was tasked to provide self-shot footage taken from the comfort of their own homes. Keane aspired to develop two separate but complimenting aesthetic styles: the handmade analogue style from the artist, Jazz Grant, and MPC’s digital collage animations.


FIFA 21 adds to MPC’s portfolio within gaming that includes the likes of Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Minecraft, Candy Crush and PlayStation. Since launched, the trailer has received 3.5 million YouTube views.

Keane Pearce Shaw
Riff Raff
Post Production
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Keane always knew he wanted a handmade archive quality but he also wanted another style so when we discussed the brief he stepped back and gave us the trust and freedom to establish the secondary design aesthetic which was fantastic. Once we established the look the team quickly took to creating 19 bespoke graphic vignettes for the main film. Along the way we had to develop other looks to complement moments where the digital collage didn’t quite fit.

Designer, MPC
Client Team

EA Sports

Creative Production Lead Andy Gillooley
Associate Creative Director Alex Elms

Sr Director, Creative Paul Marr

Lead Capture Specialist Victor Fischer

Assistant Video Editor (Versioning) Chris Wilton

Motion Graphics Artist – Jesus Delgado

Production Team

Riff Raff Films

Director Keane Pearce Shaw
Producer Cathy Hood

MPC Team

Producer Ryan Hancocks, Abhinav Sharda

Art Director Donal O’Keeffe

Senior Designer Paul Hunt
Design Team Adam Roche & Jess Gaynor

2D Team Balakrishnan Ramadoss, Vignes Elumalai, Ragesh Ramachandran, Kiran Veerswarupu, Karthhikeyan M D, Manideep Sanisetty, Rajnikant R, Mahendra Reddy and Lora Nikolaeva
Collage Artist Jazz Grant
Colourist Duncan Russell

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