Visual Effects

Burberry | Festive.

The Brief

We were commissioned to provide VFX and colour grade on Burberry’s 2020 ‘Festive’ campaign that celebrates the brand’s history, as the dancers brave an ice storm, dressed in weatherproof clothing inspired by the founder, Thomas Burberry’s iconic collections.

The Approach

Using MPC’s latest technology together with machine learning, our world-class CGI team crafted a snowstorm where giant ice blocks fell from the sky while the dancers intereacted to outmanoeuvre the chaotic weather with graceful ease. To do this seamlessly and connect the ice falling with the physical world, we took detailed photogrammetry of the streets and referenced real ice blocks shattering; this was used as the base for our CG so that it could be synchronised exactly with the live action.

The Results

Burberry ‘Festive’ is the most awarded project in MPC history, winning over 16 accolades for colour and visual effects alone. The Christmas commercial received a Gold Cannes Lion for Colour Grade with Matthieu awarded Bronze for Best Colourist at Creative Circle Awards for his work on the project. The campaign also picked up a VES Award for Outstanding Compositing In A Commercial, a Yellow and Graphite D&AD Pencil for Visual Effects and Compositing, a Silver Cannes Lions for Visual Effects, a Silver Clio Award for Visual Effects. ‘Festive’ was voted Televisual’s Number 1 Commercial of 2020, was featured in the Creative Review Annual for Best Visual Effects and won a Grand Prix Honor at The Gerety Awards.

This showstopper was covered extensively within the media, with features including Vogue, Campaign, Creative Review and Ad Week and received 5 Stars from The Drum, AdAge, David Reviews and was Campaign’s Pick of the Week.

Riff Raff Films
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No. 1

Commercial – Televisual 2020


YouTube Views

MPC, Burberry and Megaforce, three big names. So big in fact, combining them has the potential to create atmospheric changes (of the giant hailstone kind). Staying true to the Burberry spirit, the film follows an (impeccably dressed) quartet dance through the streets; each step taken choreographed by renown collective (LA) HORDE and creatively written and imagined by MEGAFORCE through Riff Raff.

It’s all about that fearless spirit and imagination when pushing boundaries.

Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Officer, Burberry Group

Our teams roto-animated the dancers in 3D to provide the correct movement and velocity of each move. Colourist Matthieu Toullett provided the award-winning grade to enhance the richness and depth in a cinematic quality.

We always knew the Burberry ‘Festive’ film was going to be a special project. The film showcases our ambition to challenge the ordinary and push the boundaries of post-production. A key element was building the falling ice blocks. We set up an element shoot and dropped real ice of varying sizes onto the floor to see how it would react on film, and that ice provided an accurate reference to re-create in CGI, matching exactly with the live action

Alex Lovejoy, Creative Director, MPC

We found the idea of this film by digging though Burberry’s history. The founder, Thomas Burberry, created innovative weatherproof clothing that was used by polar explorers, which gave us the idea of a story and saw its characters braving the elements with ease. That iconic scene from the film ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ came to our minds. We wanted to draw inspiration from it and make a version that speaks for our times. This year (2020) has been tough for us all, so we wanted to push the metaphor by transforming the rain to ice blocks. We also changed the narrative from a single character to a group of friends because going through the adversity is a thing that we’d better do together.

Director, MEGAFORCE, Riff Raff Films
Client Team

Chief Creative Officer Ricardo Tisci
Chief Marketing Officer Rod Manley
VP Creative Rachel Crowther
Art Directors Al Watts, Sean Bell
Director of Production Rose Percy
Senior Producer Asha Joneja
Producer Cara Gillies
Production Coordinator Rebecca Haddaway
Post Production Senior Manager Luke Stazaker
Styling Editor Susie Miller
Junior Styling Editor Fran Dyke
Assistant Stylist Jack Clements


Riff Raff Films

Creative Direction MEGAFORCE
Executive Producer/Owner Matthew Fone
Producer Nick Goldsmith
Production Managers Hannah Fowles-Pazdro & Georgia Mills
Choreographer (LA) Horde
1st Assistant Director Ben Gill
DOP Katelin Arizmendi
Gaffer Richard Oxley
Production Designer Marco Puig
Stylist Lucy Fewell
SFX Paul Mann & Neil Gawthrop
Sound Design Sam Ashwell 750mph


Dancers Zhane Samuels, Kevin Bago, Robinson Cassarino, Chantel Foo

Song and Music

Song"Singin’ In The Rain"
Written Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed
Published EMI Music Publish Ltd
Vocals Dreya Mac
Produced & Arranged Lank and Tank, Twenty Below Music
Music Producer Emily Pritchard, Twenty Below Music


VFX Producer Ryan Hancocks
2D Lead/Creative Director Alex Lovejoy
3D Leads Fabian Frank & Rob Richardson
Colourist Matthieu Toullet
Colour Assist Maruf Khan

3D Team
Artists Miquel Corominas, Ronald Anzenberger, Alican Gorgec, Gareth Bell, Hodei Garcia, Stephane Ranaldi, Alessandro Granella, Flavia Minone, Mike Little, Lewis Orton & Radu Ciubotariu

2D Team
Artists David Filipe, Mithun Alex & Lucie Bran

Bangalore Team
Producer Abhinav Sharda
Senior Production Coordinator Sakshi Gaur
CG Supervisor Parthiban S E
2D Supervisor David Rouxal
Matchmove Supervisor Elangovan Ganesh
Asset Supervisor Kunal Sarkar
Asset Jaspreet Kaur Dua
2D Comp Amresh Kumar

Clean-up & Roto Team
Artists Vipin Tripathi, Aginesh K M, Karthikeyan M D, Pramod Dwivedi, Arulnandhan P, Bijeesh K U, Kiran Veerswarapu, Padmapriya K, Sangeetha M, Sreejimol C P, Jaswan Vishnu Prasanth, Suresh Pitchuka, Rajnikant R, Shawn Shaiju, Karthik S, Manideep Sanisetty
Fx Alok Dwivedi, Parts Bisen
Lighting Earnest Victor Mauel, Arun Sharma

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