People and culture

Our legacy is our future.

MPC was founded over 50 years ago with the goal of bringing together the best creative talent to produce the world’s most memorable moving images. As digital media evolves, we think this ambition is more relevant than ever.

We are proud of our international team and recognise the best work is produced by talented and diverse creatives. At MPC, we aim to lead the way to creating a more inclusive industry which is representative of the world we live in. We are proud of our mission to make inclusion an everyday reality at MPC and welcome you to join us in our efforts.

Inside MPC

Our creativity, reputation and craft are ahead of the game. Our work inspires the world’s most creative people to have unlimited ideas. Our clients & partners know we can always bring their vision to life and feel unhindered by what is possible and what is not. There is a shared ambition between our clients and creative talent to push every project to the limit and we are all driven by the simple idea that absolutely anything is possible – no idea is too complicated for us to produce to an incredibly high standard. We seek to create never-seen-before experiences that we know audiences will never forget. This takes dedication, hard work and the best artistry across all of our studios.

Our Creativity Needs Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive company culture. MPC will always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity. We are our most creative when we work together across diverse backgrounds, cultures, geographies and human experiences and know the different perspectives of our staff is what makes us so creative. Our Equal Opportunities policy aims to address the entire employment life cycle, from talent acquisition to rewards and ongoing development. We have an active Global DE&I team at MPC which includes members of our executive team, who oversee all matters relating to gender equality, race, identity and ability. This includes the development of policies, training, and community outreach initiatives, alongside an ethos that aims to help individuals be their best by making adjustments and supporting them where necessary.

Camila De Biaggi, Senior Executive Producer and Angela Lupo, Managing Director, at the Clio Awards, New York.

Our DE&I Mission

To always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents.


• Ensure an inclusive workplace for everyone, removing barriers that hinder people from being themselves.

• Build and maintain a community where staff feel safe, included, and accepted for who they are.

• Hold ourselves to account with an actionable plan and ongoing measurement.

• Attract, nurture, and retain the best talent in the industry irrespective of their background.


• Committed to genuine change in our business and wider industry.

• Investing in our people: time, budget, training and ongoing development.

• Facilitating open discussion & debate.

• Tracking our progress and performance.

Community Outreach

We are a global creative studio with offices in London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Bangalore. We partner with a number of community outreach initiatives in these cities aiming to offer insight, guidance and support for anyone interested in joining our industry.

Find out more about our community outreach news.

Celebrating International Women’s Day


MPC has endorsed the #TimeTo pledge to end sexual harassment in the UK advertising and marketing industry. The initiative brings together a growing group of advertisers, marketers, media agencies, media owners and clients who are committed to ensuring that everyone working in our industry is free to work in a safe environment without fear of abuse. Find out more about the pledges and its goals.


Our Technicolor Creative Studios Hub in London is home to Adtext, the leading supplier of subtitles and audio description for the UK’s advertising industry, who work closely with disability charities to promote social inclusion. Find out more about Adtext.

Website Accessibility

We adhere to the following parameters on our website to ensure the design is as accessible as possible:

• Making sure type size is legible across all breakpoints (desktop, tablet & mobile)

• Ensuring text is a readable contrast

• Ensuring clear interaction & hover states

• The website has been built with the ability to navigate using the keyboard

Engage To Change | Podcast

The MPC Engage to Change podcast shares information on how to create change in the industry and provides guidance on how to progress careers for those under-represented in the creative industries. Tune into Episode 1 of Engage to Change, where MPC’s host, Amanda Libotte, speaks to CDDP Executive Director, Tamika Lamison, EICOP Founder, Stacy Milner and Pipelines Director of Operations, Shari Holly. This episode explores ways in which organisations provide access and education to people of colour, specifically the black community in the commercial industry.

Sustainable Auto Solutions

In 2020, MPC and Travlrr launched the world’s first sustainable automotive production solution. The solution was built on the ideals of supporting a more sustainable and greener way to produce automotive content that is kinder to the planet. The partnership utilises both Travlrr’s highly curated global network and MPC’s award-winning VFX artists to create productions where all carbon emissions can be offset. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 8 times when compared with a traditional shoot. Take a look at this case study to find out more.

Green The Bid | Podcast

In this episode of Green The Bid, Host Gabi Kay chats with MPC and Darren Khan, CEO and Founder of Travlrr, about the project and partnering with conservation charity Trees for Life to plant Trees in the Caledonian Highlands for each brief commissioned to the platform.

Download The Green Elements report to find out how you can create lower emission productions.

For each brief commissioned to the platform, MPC and Travlrr have both committed to plant trees that will offset the equivalent of 7.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environment

MPC takes climate change seriously. MPC’s expertise within CG and production such as real-time, virtual and remote production can cut carbon impact across our projects dramatically. MPC can additionally have a client shoot independently audited and assessed so clients can choose to offset and create a totally net-zero campaign from end to end. Read more.

Marketing Ethics

MPC will not knowingly work on projects which contain statements, suggestions or images offensive to general public decency and will give appropriate consideration to the impact of the projects we work on, specifically on minority sections of the population. We do not work on tobacco advertising. Our company policy also ensures we do not work with great apes on any of our projects.

Supply Chain & Modern Slavery Ethics

MPC operates in an industry sector with straightforward supply chains. This makes the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking very low. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of combatting this and acknowledge our duty to take steps to tackle the issue. We have provisions in our supplier contracts to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not exist in any part of our business. We also train our staff to ensure a high-level understanding of the risks and how to further increase transparency in our supply chain, regularly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures in relation to procurement and purchasing where necessary.

Find out more about MPC Advertising.


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