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MPC Charts | Top 10 Christmas Brand Characters.

July 21, 2021
An easy way to boost your Christmas sales with adorable brand characters. Check out our festive mascots for McDonald’s, TK Maxx, John Lewis, Duracell, Cartier, Smyths, EDEKA, O2, WWF and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

TK Maxx ‘Lil Goat’ – 2020
After the year of the pandemic, everyone deserved to feel special. And that includes everyone in our lives, even pet goats. Join our Lil’ Goat as she struts her fabulous fashion stuff in the snow, looked on adoringly by her proud parents, who bought her these wonderful gifts.

John Lewis ‘Monty’ – 2013
Monty the CG penguin was the star of John Lewis’ 2014 Christmas campaign, following the heartwarming story of a boy named Sam and his imaginary friend.

O2 ‘Bubl’ – 2020
We worked with VCCP and Gary Freedman to launch O2’s first ever Christmas campaign, featuring epic landscapes and a heart-warming dance routine between ten-year-old ice skater, Darcy Murdoch and Bubl, the ever-helpful O2 robot.

McDonald’s ‘Reindeer’ – 2018
We created a bespoke reindeer for McDonald’s festive campaign that thinks less about Santa and more about the magical flying animal. Check out the breakdown here.

Duracell ‘Bunny’ – 2016
In 2016 the Duracell turned to Mikros MPC to create its first in-house holiday film. Our team in Paris made the iconic bunny express its personality and its feelings – still unstoppable, it acts as a secret agent on a mission, capturing emotions and hearts.

Dick’s Sporting Goods ‘Hoodie, Skateboard, Sneaker’ – 2020
Following the brands 2019 holiday campaign, the loveable characters returned in 2020 to continue their adventure.

Smyths ‘Oscar’ – 2019
In 2019 we brought back ‘Oscar’ for the brands Christmas campaign set in a grand Smyths Toys Superstores theatre, featuring new toys such as a monster truck, Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, and a twerking lama.

EDEKA ‘Robots’ – 2017
From concept art down to every nut and bolt, our VFX artists created EDEKA’s robots to reflect how they’d be built in their own world, taking inspiration from real-life, movable objects.

WWF ‘Elephant’ – 2020
In 2020, MPC Creative partnered with London agency Uncommon to launch WWF’s festive campaign featuring a photorealistic elephant 100% in CGI. It was essential that no animals suffered during filing to be in keeping with the WWF ethos.

Cartier ‘Panther’ – 2020
In 2020 Mikros MPC crafted Cartier’s holiday campaign film, featuring their iconic brand mascot panther unleashing the unique Christmas spirit of the luxury brand. Joyful and festive, the panther subtly plays with exquisite dream gifts.

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